Defective Dexis Sensors? No Problem.


Trade-In Defective Dexis Sensors for New Uni-Ray 1.5 Sensors

For a limited time, trade in your defective Dexis intraoral x-ray sensors for credit towards Uni-Ray 1.5 sensors. The Uni-Ray 1.5 is a sleek direct USB sensor that accommodates both adults and children. The 1.5 universal single size sensor optimizes patient comfort and allows for quick and easy FMS exams. Uni-Ray 1.5 sensors come ready to integrate with Dexis 10.0 and most branded imaging software.

Turn your defective Dexis sensors into fully functioning Uni-Ray sensors! Submit the form on the right or give us a call at 1-800-672-5733 for more information.



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